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Shared Ministry Update

The Together in Christ Parish Board consists of three (3) people from St. James and three (3) people from All Saints. The St. James members are: Steve Tou Velle, Steve Miller, and Karen Voss. The All Saints members are: K.D. Kalber, Wanda Barber, and Scott Holtan. Please keep them in your prayers.

The Together in Christ Call Committee consists of three (3) people from St. James and three (3) people from All Saints. The St. James call committee members are: Jeryl Krumbholz, Bill Martin, and Kendra Marinaccio. The All Saints members are: Julie Schoville, K.D. Kalber, and Bonnie Strittmater. Please continue to keep them in your prayers during this transition time.

The Together in Christ Call Committee interviewed a candidate earlier this month. Please keep them in your prayers as they discern.

Royal Ball Run Donation Thank you

You have watched our boys grow up here at All Saints and have learned a lot about Autism along with us. We have not hidden anything and tried to share our trials and triumphs as life sends them our way. We pray that no other child would be afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Your generosity (almost $900!) will help parents of children who are diagnosed with Autism as well as put All Saints on the back of the t-shirts for all who participate in the Royal Ball Run this June. Anne, and I as well as the Royal Ball Run for Autism team want to thank you for your donation that will help Autism Spectrum Disorder children in the future.

Humbly yours, Scott, Anne, Ryan and Tyler Holtan

Newly Elected and Council meeting

All Newly Elected meeting
All newly elected should plan on attending the meeting at church on Tuesday, May 16th at 5:30 pm in the gathering space. At this time, we will review the expectations of all elected positions. The ministry teams will need to decide who is going to be the team lead/council representative as well as when regular team meetings will be held.

Council Meeting
The next council meeting, with the newly elected, will be on Tuesday, May 16th at 6:30 pm in the library. Our current meeting schedule is to meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting – May 7

Sunday, May 7th we will hold our semi-annual meeting. A potluck will follow the worship service with the meeting beginning at 12:15 pm.

This meeting is primarily to hold elections for executive council, ministry teams, audit committee, nominating committee, and synod representatives for the annual synod assembly as well as celebrate all that All Saints Lutheran Church has accomplished in the past year. A bulletin board has been created and is in the gathering space that describes all the elected positions.

Please prayerfully consider running for an elected position. If you are interested in running, talk to a member of the nominating committee (Tom Schoville, Liz Bruns, Scott Schoville, Rhaena Reece, or Steve Kalber).

Shared Ministry Update and Interim Pastor

Shared Ministry Update
The Together in Christ shared ministry team received a candidate from Pastor Paul Ostrem, Assistant to the bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod, in the past month. The shared ministry team has conducted two interviews in the last few weeks for a possible full-time pastor for the 2-point parish. Each of the respective councils (All Saints council and St. James council) voted yes to recommend to call this pastor at their respective upcoming congregational meetings (All Saints – May 7th and St. James – May 7th).

Interim Pastor
Pastor David Aanonson, interim pastor, began his ministry with us the beginning of April. St. James Lutheran Church and All Saints Lutheran Church are “sharing” Pastor Aanonson, which means both congregations changed their worship service times. St. James moved their worship service to 9:00 am and All Saints moved their worship service to 10:30 am with Children’s Sunday school at 9:30 am. Pastor Aanonson’s office hours at All Saints will be on Tuesdays from 1:00 – 5:00 pm.