Food Pantry

Every Saturday, 1-3p

Come and receive. All you need is a current photo ID. All Saints is here for you.

Come and give. Your donations of your presence and time, money, food, and gently used clothing and household items are welcome.

A passion for people.

All Saints has a food pantry thanks to God and to passionate people who call this congregation their spiritual home. For close to a decade, this is how we live out faith in a loving, forgiving God. By showing up Saturday after Saturday—including holidays!—and packing and giving away boxes of food. And, if that wasn’t enough, also by building transforming relationships with the people who come.

It’s about the relationships.

While All Saints’ food pantry is one of the busiest in the Quad Cities, it’s the relationships that make this pantry special! We believe in the God-given dignity of every person. Food pantry guests notice the difference. Many say that, unlike other places they seek help, they’re treated like human beings at All Saints. Some have even come to worship and been welcomed home as full members. A pantry guest currently serves on All Saints’ congregational council. We take our name seriously: ALL SAINTS!

“I was hungry and you gave me food…”

Jesus once told a parable about what really matters in life. Jesus said, at the end of it all, God will celebrate those who did what’s right, saying: “I was hungry and you gave me food… When you showed concrete compassion for the least, you did it for me” (Matthew 25). Jesus said at another time, “Where your money is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6).

Consider making a gift.

It takes money to share God’s love with a box of food—roughly $10,000 a year! All Saints buys the bulk of the food we give away at the RiverBend Foodbank. Prices are below wholesale, but there’s still a cost. In addition to grants from Churches United, generous people like you make All Saints food pantry happen.


In-kind gifts

toilet paper
laundry soap (***much needed)
bars of soap
juice —64 oz.
peanut butter
1 lb. hamburger

canned goods

gently used clothing
other household items

Whatever you decide to give will be a great help. With a tough economy and recent cuts to federal food-aid programs, the need keeps rising. In the midst of it, one of Pastor Clark’s favorite things is to say thank to people who give to the pantry.

Let Pastor Clark add your name to the list of people he gets to thank. Then come, volunteer, and see your investment at work: any Saturday, 1 to 3 p.m.