Why All Saints Will Worship in One Service

All Saints will keep worshiping in one service in 2013 because it reflects who we are right now and how God is moving among us.

Unifying All Saints’ worship helped unify All Saints and helped us know each other better. It was a catalyst for the change that’s taken place. It has encouraged all of us to give a little and be vulnerable to change, so we can focus together on a common purpose and vision.

As worship attendance increases and as it will serve All Saints’ purpose and core values, All Saints’ leaders will reconsider. Two services are not feasible, given the current size of the congregation. And now, we believe unified worship reflects God’s call toward All Saints’ thriving.

So, since it began and at least through 2013, we are committed to continually adapting a single worship service to engage a wider circle of people. The New Vision Team, Council, and Worship Planning Team value all feedback.

Thank you and thanks be to God.

—New Vision Team, Council, and Pastor Clark

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