March review, April preview

The New Vision Team met March 4 to evaluate its recent communication and engagement with the congregation and to consider the Bishop’s recommendations.

+ Training and recruitment for one-on-ones…this is the purpose of All Saints’ partnership with Quad Cities Interfaith (QCI) “Rekindling our Congregations” (ROC) campaign. The Rekindling survey was completed Sun 3/24, and one-on-one training will be held Sat 4/20.

+ Why One Worship Servicesee in this newsletter the joint statement from NVT and council.

+ Stewardship Education…we are rebuilding the team after Brian and Caleb left. That team—Nate Kooi, Katey Krull, and Steph Sampiller—will develop a year-long plan for targeted engagement.

+ Hoped-for outcomes with measurable benchmarks…we tabled this for our next meeting. In the meantime, council began working on it.

Our next meeting is Mon, April 8. We’ll consider and add to the council’s outcomes/benchmarks document, go deeper with stewardship, and follow-up on the specific communicating/engaging actions we decided to take.

Feel free to share commendations and recommendations. You can contact us directly: Julie Schoville, Katey Krull, Tim Sampiller, and Pastor Clark.

Thanks and peace, PC

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