New Vision Team

All Saints,

You decided. The Redevelopment Team will now be called the New Vision Team.

Here’s the final tally…

New Vision – 20 votes
Renewal – 11
Possibilities – 6
New Song – 4

                Total – 41

In the end, for the largest number of us, New Vision Team named best the purpose of the team and the hope we have for All Saints.

The New Vision Team has the same goal as the Redevelopment Team. All the effort we invested over the summer to define the Redevelopment Team’s role and purpose stands for the New Vision Team too. The New Vision Team’s goal is to help All Saints significantly expand its ministries of evangelism and making disciples.


Better Evangelism

Evangelism simply means telling people about Jesus. Each of us individually has a story to tell about Jesus in our life and in the world. All of us together as the congregation called All Saints have a story to tell too. So, expanding All Saints’ ministry of evangelism has two parts. Better evangelism is about finding our voices and discovering a vision.

  1. Finding our voices. As we practice telling our stories about Jesus by telling them to each other, we prepare ourselves to tell others about Jesus too. When the opportunities arise, after we’ve listened to the other, when will know what to say to introduce them to the Jesus we know.
  2. Discovering a vision. As we become clearer about All Saints’ God-given purpose, we do many things at once. We inspire and energize ourselves for our work together in Christ’s name. We also inspire and attract others through our boldness, making it easier to invite others to work with us. And finally we become able to measure the effectiveness of our efforts and to decide what we need to change so we might do even better what God wants us to do.


The New Vision Team’s Work

Next month (if the baby hasn’t come yet!), I’ll say more about the second part of the New Vision Team’s goal—making disciples. Now I’ll close by re-introducing the New Vision Team: Katey Krull, Mary Jo Plumadore, Tim Sampiller, Julie Schoville, and Pastor Clark. In addition to coordinating the Good Soil project and restarting the Stewardship Committee, the team is also now planning a trip to Seattle in August for another shot at training that everyone but Katey missed in February. You can read more about the Team and its priorities online—the covenant the congregation approved in October 2011 and a description of the Team’s priorities and timeline. Go to “About” and “Our Leaders.”


Thanks for your help, and thanks be to God!

Pastor Clark Olson-Smith

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