Confirmation: 2014-2016

The Point

Being ourselves and being like Jesus.

(a purpose statement created by the current students and Pastor Clark)

The Time: Fall 2014 – Fall 2016

Sunday, September 7th, 2014 to Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Fall 2014 basics

When: Sundays, 9-9:45am
Where: Pastor’s office

Manna & Mercy

Bring your bible! The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) is recommended, because that’s what you’ll hear in worship at All Saints.

The book Manna & Mercy by Dan Ehrlander will be another main “text book” for Fall 2014. It’s more like a comic book than a text book–one you get to color and decorate yourself! It tells the whole story of the bible–Genesis to Revelation–creation to the fulfillment of time.

Martin Luther’s Small Catechism will be used as well.

Manna & Mercy and the Small Catechism will be provided to students at no cost. At students’ request, bibles can be provided as well.

Confirmation Covenant

  • attending class & preparing for class
  • worshiping & participating in worship
  • serving
  • growing spiritually
  • attending confirmation events
  • fostering Christian relationships & respect for others

Click here for a full Confirmation Covenant, to be signed by students and parents.

Fall 2014 calendar

Sun Sep 7 + Affirmation of Baptism

Sun Sep 14 + prepare: do homework for M&M chs. 1 & 2; return signed covenants

Sun Sep 21 + prepare: do homework for M&M chs. 3 & 4A

Sun Sep 28 + prepare: do homework for M&M chs. 4B & 5

Sun Oct 5 + NO CLASS

Sun Oct 12 + prepare: do homework for M&M chs. 6 & 7

Sun Oct 19 + NO CLASS

Sun Oct 26: Reformation Sunday + prepare: do homework for M&M chs. 8 & 9; plus watch this MLK Jr sermon, make a list of five immoral laws at any time in history that you would break, and answer this question, “What is a ‘but if not’ faith or a ‘though’ faith?; worship participation: blessing in worship

Sun Nov 2: All Saints Sunday – NO CLASS

Sun Nov 9 + prepare: do homework for M&M ch. 10; plus on a single page of paper, answer the four faith questions here

Sun Nov 16 + NO CLASS

Sun Nov 23: Christ the King – NO CLASS

Sun Nov 30: First Sunday of Advent – NO CLASS

Sun Dec 7 + prepare: do homework for M&M ch. 11A & 11B; plus interview one of your parents on the four faith questions here and write up what you heard on a single page of paper

Sun Dec 14 + NO CLASS

Sun Dec 21 + prepare: do homework for M&M ch. 12

Sun Dec 28: First Sunday of Christmas + NO CLASS

Winter 2015 calendar

Sun Jan 4 + NO CLASS

Sun Jan 11 + NO CLASS

Sun Jan 18 + prepare: do homework for M&M ch. 13 & 14

Sun Jan 25 + NO CLASS

Sun Feb 1 + prepare: do homework for M&M ch. 15 & 16

Sun Feb 8 + NO CLASS

Sun Feb 15 + TBD

Wed Feb 18 + Ash Wednesday worship

 Click here to download all Manna & Mercy homework.

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