In Case You Missed It

From the Council
2 June 2020
Dear Members of All Saints,

We hope this letter finds you healthy! We are happy to announce that we will be easing back into “in person” service beginning June 7th.

As we are called to love our neighbor, our main goal is to keep our members safe. With that in mind, our first few services will be outdoors (weather permitting).

What does this look like?

Service will be at 10:00 am

In an effort to adhere to the ELCA recommendations, Pastor Pokora and our musicians will be set up with microphones and keyboard in the rear parking lot. All will be welcome to set up lawn chairs in the lawn or parking lot with social distancing. All will be required to wear masks. We will have disposable masks available if needed. If you prefer to stay in your cars, masks are not necessary. The first Sunday (June 7th) we will have communion BYOB style (Bring your own bread and wine/juice). As you arrive, please pick up a bulletin which will be on the credence table. At that time, you can leave your offering in the offering plate. Things will look a little different for a while, but whether we are home watching a livestreaming service, in the parking lot, or in the sanctuary, God will be there.

We will continue to livestream the service at 10:00 am for those of you who are uncomfortable, unwell, or just unable to attend.

As these are very trying times, please be considerate of others. This is new for all of us and we are all in a different place, and as things change on a daily basis, so does our mindset.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please do not hesitate to call.


See you soon!
Church Council

Pastor Richard   563.355.5405
Julie Schoville   563.349.5055

From the Pastor
My daughter lives in a Minneapolis neighborhood affected by rioters and looters. She is afraid to stay in her home.

The death of George Floyd by a policeman was an unnecessary and brutal accident. His treatment joins a long line of African American men who have been treated poorly and even murderously by police officers.

We are necessarily appalled by what happened on that Minneapolis street corner.

The United States has laws and courts and law enforcement agencies to handle such cases. Reason and the rule of law must prevail. We repudiate the present lynch mob mentality evident in our streets.

The riots and looting which followed Floyd’s death is another matter. Two wrong don’t make a right. There is no justification for the nation-wide violence that followed his demise.

The rioters and looters are opportunistic criminals. The full weight of our police and military forces must be used against them. These individuals who attack businesses and bystanders must be dealt with forcefully.

We all understand racism in our society has a long and violent history. The riots, vandalism and looting do not advance the cause of racial justice, but set that cause back precipitously. 

Christianity is based on a theology of non-violence, starting with Jesus himself in his trial before Pontius Pilate. That theology was expressed in the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King. King clearly advanced the cause of racial justice thru non-violence. Violence repudiates all that King stood for and achieved. It creates a back lash.

May we stand for racial equality and non-violence and by doing so create a more just and equitable society.

Pastor Richard Pokora

Congratulations Trever Johnson on your graduation from High School.

Garden Update
Thank you to all who have helped in some way in the garden at church. Roger has spent numerous hours expanding the garden and getting it ready to plant. Roger and Marilyn put up a new fence around the entire garden. Bill and Jen have helped till and prepare the garden for planting. Laura and Kaylee helped with the initial planting. There will be plants to set out soon, weather permitting. Please let Roger know if you can help.

Roger and Juli, volunteer in the garden, are asking for large rectangular planters (totes) to use in the garden. They do not have to be new or in great condition. If you have some sitting around you are not using and are willing to donate them to the garden at All Saints Lutheran Church, contact Roger (563.343.1886) or leave them between the church building and the shed. Thank you!

Financials: The 2020 average monthly amount budgeted for Undesignated Donations (Anticipated) for Ministry Investment is $7,667. You donated $7,363.00 in April. Also $1,325.00 was donated to the Food Pantry in April.

You donated $40.00 to mortgage reduction in April (to be applied toward the principal balance). Since inception, a total of $89,632 has been donated to the (Happy Hearts – Hopeful Future) debt reduction campaign.

The mortgage balance was $ 137,259.79 as of 05.31.2020.

Important Upcoming Dates (dates are subject to change due to Covid-19)
Forum: The forum that was scheduled for Sunday, March 22 will take place later, date still to be determined. At the forum titled “Vision for the Future” we will discuss what lies ahead for All Saints Lutheran Church.
Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting (Note date change): The semi-annual congregation meeting will be Sunday, July 12, 2020.

Food Pantry and Clothing Closet: The food pantry will remain open, but we will give guests their box outside. The food pantry continues to be extremely busy. Thank you to all who continue to volunteer their time for this ministry. The clothing closet will be closed until further notice.