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From the Pastor

What a summer it has been around the Quad Cities. The flood waters have finally receded to normal levels, gardens and farms are growing, the heat has settled in to stay. The summer feels like it’s moving fast. As I talk to people around our church, it is “busy-season” for many of you. I am amazed at the places you all find yourselves over the summer. Lutherans are on the move! That is why I am so excited to get the Flat Jesus pictures.

Earlier this summer, each congregation received their own “Flat Jesus”, a small paper cartoon of Christ. Flat Jesus has been to Massachusetts, Georgia, New York, Wisconsin and Michigan so far. Flat Jesus has also been to several places around the Quad Cities, including the River Bend Food Bank and the “Race for the Cure” event. Flat Jesus is a little playful, a little silly, but then again, I think maybe the real Jesus was a little playful, a little silly at times. Ultimately, we take the Flat Jesus cartoon with us as a reminder.

Flat Jesus reminds us that wherever we go, Jesus goes with us. Jesus goes with us when we go to glamourous places, Jesus goes with us when we go to boring places, and Jesus goes with us when we go to painful places. Jesus simply goes with us. The incarnation, when Jesus came to earth, is proof that God goes with us. God wants to be with us so much, that God came as a human in a manger.

Flat Jesus reminds us that wherever we go, the church goes with us. We are a part of a holy community, the church. At its best, the church is the hands and feet of God on earth. We are called to announce God’s love to the world around us, and we experience it with other people. Every Sunday morning, we practice making God’s ways our ways. We sing praise, we pray together, we hear the word of God, we spread peace, and we are fed at the table. Then we are sent out to do all those things in all the other parts of our lives. Flat Jesus is a reminder that we are not alone, we are united with the rest of the church on earth.

Flat Jesus reminds us that our faith is a constant journey. Jesus did some of his most significant ministry on his journey towards Jerusalem. In our faith life, the “going” is just as important as the “arriving”. We are constantly on a journey towards God’s justice and love. We are on the journey to enact God’s will for this whole very world. We are called to see who else is on the journey with us. Don’t forget to look around.

That’s not too bad for something that is a little silly and a little playful. So, keep taking Flat Jesus, know that Jesus is with you on the journey.

Pastor Amy 

From the President

July Council meeting highlights:
+Both giving and spending are up slightly from June of last year
+Bonnie and Craig are donating a refrigerator to the food pantry to store milk and eggs
+Bonnie applied for the United Way grant
+Sunday school will start Sept 8
+looking into computer needs
+Pastor will be at Churchwide Assembly August 5-11
+combined worship Sept 15 or Oct 6
+Looking at HDC contract
+Next Council meeting: Tuesday, August 20 at 6:30 pm
+Next Parish Board meeting: September 17 @ 5:30 pm @ All Saints   

Church Keys

It is that time of year again that the office needs to reconcile the keys that our members and renters have in their possession. Please let the office know ( the keys that you currently have, including any numbers on the keys. Do you have any church keys that you are no longer using or need? If so, please turn them in to the office. Thank you. 

Thank You

Thank you, All Saints, for your continued support and sharing our passion to help families affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder is very much appreciated! In our 8th year, we continue to give back to the local QC Community and have donated over $225,000 for Autism programs, educational grants and speech scholarships. Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of race registrations are invested in local autism services.

Thank you-
The Royal Ball Run Team

Food Pantry

The food pantry has been extremely busy this summer and the patrons love to be able to get laundry detergent and other hygiene or cleaning items. These are things that cannot be purchased with food stamps. Please donate any of these items as you are able. Dollar Tree and Dollar General have laundry soap for $1/bottle. These bottles can do 32 loads. ❤️ 

From the Financial Officer

The average monthly amount budgeted for 2019 for Undesignated Donations (Anticipated Offerings) for MINISTRY INVESTMENT was $7,500. You donated $7935.00 in June, $435.00 more than the monthly budget requirement. The rolling average/month YTD is $44,392.00/6 = $7,398.67, still slightly below the required average. Thank you, again.

You donated $325.00 to mortgage reduction in June. Since inception, a total of $88,677 has been donated to the (Happy Hearts – Hopeful Future) debt reduction campaign.

The mortgage balance as of 06.30.2019 was $145,452.30. 

News from the Southeastern Iowa Synod – Summer 2019

In 2020 the Southeastern Iowa Synod will elect a new bishop. The Synod Ministry Profile Committee, appointed by the Synod Council, is conducting a survey to better understand the ministry setting of this synod.

The results of this survey will be used in the formation of the synod’s ministry site profile which will be made available to everyone in the synod. This profile will be used in the call process and the election of a new bishop at the 2020 Synod Assembly which will be held May 1-3, 2020.

The synod needs your help!

Let us know what you think by taking the 15-minute survey online ( The survey will be open for responses until August 9. 

Other ways to help

  • Pray for the synod and its congregations as we begin the election process
  • Pray for people who are discerning the call to be bishop
  • Stay informed and ask questions visit

 Flat Jesus Sightings

Have you been taking your Flat Jesus with you where you go? Pastor Amy challenged us to do just that this summer. Send your photos with Flat Jesus to the office email (

Here are Ryan, Tyler, Craig, Teagan, and Colin with their Flat Jesus!