From the Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is one of the three committees for which the Worship Ministry Team has oversight responsibility (Continuing Resolutions of the All Saints Constitution, Page 19/26.).

“We are here for God’s Pleasure: to serve, praise and worship God.”

God gave us free will (freedom to make choices) concerning how we (collectively and individually) steward (manage or look after) the gifts He has granted All Saints and each of us.

The Stewardship Committee met August 19th. We are working to develop a year-round focus on Stewardship. One of our resources is an ELCA pamphlet titled “Stewards of God’s Love,” available for download from the ELCA website.

If you have specific desires for the Stewardship Committee, please contact me or any of the members of the committee: Pastor Amy, Bonnie Strittmater, Laura McCreery and Scott Schoville.

Roger Oliver, 563-343-1886.