Stewardship Committee

The Worship Ministry Team is responsible for overseeing three committees – the Worship Committee, the Property Committee, and the Stewardship Committee (Continuing Resolutions, Page 19/26).

Although I accepted oversight responsibility for Stewardship in May, life has sped on; and, I have not made progress in forming a Stewardship Committee. However, recently, when visiting my aunt in an assisted living facility, the leader of the Christian band which was entertaining the residents reminded all in attendance that, “We are here for God’s Pleasure: to serve, praise, and worship God.” I believe that statement can be, is, or maybe should be, a great framework for “Stewardship.”

I am seeking three to four members for the Stewardship Committee to meet in early August. If you have specific desires for a Stewardship Committee, but are unable to participate, please let me know.

Roger Oliver, 563-343-1886.