In Case You Missed It

Volunteer Sign-Up Sheets

The 3rd QTR volunteer sign-up sheets are hanging behind the 2nd QTR sign-up sheets on the kiosk in the gathering space. Please look and see where you can volunteer for the months of June, July, August, and September and sign up. It truly takes many hands to do God’s work!

From the Financial Officer

The average monthly amount budgeted for 2019 for Undesignated Donations (Anticipated Offerings) for MINISTRY INVESTMENT was $7,500. You donated $6,770 in May, $730 less than the monthly budget requirement. The rolling average/month YTD is $36,457/5 = $7,291.40, still slightly below the required average. Thank you, again.

You donated $135.00 to mortgage reduction in May. Since inception, a total of $88,352 has been donated to the (Happy Hearts – Hopeful Future) debt reduction campaign.

The 05.31.19 Mortgage balance was $145,587.30.