Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended the semi-annual congregation meeting this past Sunday, May 5. Congratulations to all that were elected at the meeting!

Newly Elected are (years are when the term expires):
President ~ Julie Schoville (2020)
Vice-President ~Elizabeth Bruns (2021)
Financial Officer ~ Jim Low (2021)
Worship Ministry Team ~ Bill Kraus, Roger Oliver, and Laura McCreery (all 2020)
Proclamation Ministry Team ~ Anne Holtan and Tom Schoville (all 2020); need one more member
Service Ministry Team ~ Sheryn Levings, Brenda Sehmann, and Bonnie Strittmater (all 2020)
Nominating Committee ~ Amanda Brewer, Barb Johnson, Steve Kalber, and Wanda Barber (all 2020); need two more members
Audit Committee ~ Jake Bruns, Ed Holstrom, and Scott Holtan (all 2021)
Synod Assembly Representatives ~ Elizabeth Bruns and Marilyn Oliver (attend May 2020); alternates Scott and Anne Holtan

Each ministry team will decide who the team lead/council representative is.

Mark Your Calendar:
The next semi-annual congregation meeting will be Sunday, December 8, 2019 directly following worship. This meeting is primarily to vote on the budget for the calendar year of 2020.