From the Pastor

We have turned another calendar page; we jump from one season of celebration into another. This last month marked the 500th anniversary of the Protestant reformation. All over the world, churches were decked out in red, special songs were sung, and lots of celebration foods were eaten. But what happens when the celebration is finished? I think of the days after Christmas as a kid, when it seemed like it was all really over. The only thing to look forward to was distant Valentine’s day candy. So what do we do now that the red vestments are put away? When all the bratwursts are gone and the organ has died down?

We do what the reformers did, we keep living out the Gospel. The reformation spirit is one that constantly looks to where God is working. The reformation spirit asks ourselves as the church “where is God calling us to change and grow?” Reforming, being made new can be uncomfortable, but it is certainly worthwhile. So as we put away the trappings of our reformation celebration, I hope that we keep the spirit of the reformation. The church is changing, but is changing with God’s help. With God leading us, there are no limits to what may happen next.

On a personal note, my significant other and I have become engaged. Chris and I are looking forward to starting our lives together and ask for your prayers as we prepare for our marriage.

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