Theme for the Easter season (April 16th – June 4th)

Jesus the Lamb –
endured persecution, suffering, and death on a cross, sacrificing himself for us all

Jesus the Savior –
was raised from the dead, forever breaking the chains of sin and death

Jesus the Shepherd –
calls us, finds us, and leads us back into the fold

God’s abundant love is revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and triumphant resurrection shatters all chains, opens all doors, and reveals an endless realm of possibilities.

The gate is open!

There is hope in all things. There will always be a light shining in the darkness. No matter how far we stray, we will be led back.  No matter how lost we are, the Shepherd will find us. Our fears and doubts and questions no longer have control. Regardless of any danger that surrounds us, we will be protected.  We are not alone, and there is nothing we cannot do with Christ by our side.

Friends –

Rejoice and Be Glad!

God’s love has opened the Gate!

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