Jane and Tolomeo

Jane and Tolomeo are immigrants from Peru who have been attending All Saints for over a year on a regular basis. We first met them at our Food Pantry and have had the privilege of getting to know them and their story. They came to the U.S. because their daughter was attending college in Florida. They also have a son in Florida.

Their daughter graduated with an engineering degree and accepted an internship and later a position with John Deere here in Davenport.  She married and had two sons. Tragically, their daughter died of a brain tumor about a year ago. Their grandsons are here in Davenport.

Jane is working part time at Lincoln School in Rock Island as a Spanish teacher and Tolomeo, who has two degrees (engineering and law), has been unable to find work. At this time, Tolomeo is willing to do odd jobs such as yard work, cleaning houses, or anything along that line.

Jane and Tolomeo are wonderful people who are more than willing to work.  If you, or anyone you know could help them out by giving them work it would be greatly appreciated. They both are learning English but do not speak it well at this point.

If you could help them out, this is their telephone number (641) 781-1432.

God Bless,
Bonnie Strittmater

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