Advent Theme

Be Patient… the Light of Jesus is Near.

Advent – a season of hope and anticipation of the arrival of our Lord.  The light of Jesus is near!  Are you ready?  Are *we* ready?  We trust in God’s promise of wholeness – of peace – of salvation.  In the midst of our excitement, suffering, and darkness; in the midst of our own impatience – we are encouraged to slow down, listen, stand firm, and be patient…

Patient, but most definitely not idle.  The Light of Jesus is Near!  We are called to prepare the way, and there is so much to do!  Let us worship and pray together. Let us reach out and serve God’s people.  Let us trust in the promise and share God’s promise with others.  Let us share our light until the True Light comes for all.

Together we prepare for the coming of the Lord, for He is our light and our salvation.

Be Patient… the Light of Jesus is Near.

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