“Love Without Borders” write-up

Check out this “Love Without Borders” Dispatch-Argus write-up

Click to read more about the interfaith rally in downtown Davenport and see a great photo of Pastor Clark with his daughter, Susannah.

Here’s the story he read:

I am here because the gang threatened me. One of them “liked” me. Another gang member told my uncle that he should get me out of there because the guy who liked me was going to do me harm. In El Salvador they take young girls, rape them and throw them in plastic bags. My uncle told me it wasn’t safe for me to stay there. They told him that on April 3, and I left on April 7. They said if I was still there on April 8, they would grab me, and I didn’t know what would happen. . . . My mother’s plan was always for the four of us – her, my two sisters and me – to be together. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to come. I decided for sure  only when the gang threatened me.

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