Financial Update

Hope and uncertainty are mixed together in this financial update.

The news is, All Saints expenses exceed income by roughly $1,500 a month, and all of the congregation’s savings have already been invested in our ministries.

This is no surprise. The 2014 budget passed last December forecast this at around this time of the year.

The council is slowing spending, preparing for a debt-reduction capital campaign to lower All Saints’ mortgage payments, and considering fundraising options.

Prayerfully consider increasing your giving by $8 per week.

Barb says,

I have increased my giving $8.00 a week because celebrating All Saints’ ministries is where my treasure is. I am joyful in the progress we have made as a congregation to move forward while maintaining our ministries. This is an exciting time for our congregation and community.

Pastor Clark adds,

I increased my giving $15 a week because All Saints is a healthy congregation full of faithful people doing exciting, cutting-edge ministry, and I can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold!

With Jesus, All Saints celebrates every gift: even just two pennies! Thanks for the way you invest your heart and treasure here.

Thanks be to God.

Barb Johnson, Council President
with Pastor Clark Olson-Smith

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