All Saints’ light is shining

I had an interesting weekend.

I was nominated for bishop at the Southeastern Iowa Synod Assembly. I’m excited to tell you about it in person at worship on Sunday.

Until then, know that All Saints’ light is shining across this Southeastern Iowa (SEIA) Synod. When I became one of six candidates for bishop, I celebrated All Saints’ ministry in my speech before the Assembly.

Roger Oliver and I also visited the Synod’s “Story Booth.” There, Minda Davison, the SEIA Synod Director for Communications, video recorded us talking about All Saints’ Listen Strong campaigns, both the “inreach” campaign completed last fall and the “outreach” campaign to be done this summer.

I could give other examples besides, but the short story is: All Saints’ light is shining, and many sisters and brothers are watching and learning and praying for you. 

This includes Pastor Dave Aanonson, All Saints’ first pastor, who still serves in this synod. He found me after my speech and introduced himself. Over 30 years ago, he trudged through deep snow one winter to knock on doors and gather a people called All Saints. With many others, Pastor Aanonson was encouraged to hear All Saints’ story. “Keep knocking!” he said.

So be encouraged. I am. God is doing great things here, including inviting you and me together to stand on a larger stage.

Thanks be to God.

Pastor Clark Olson-Smith

P.S. For more on the Assembly, click here.

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