It’s Never Too Late for Grace

“Lent is a season when the church focuses on preparation for baptism and the continual process of conversion for everyone,” reminds Sundays & Seasons. So it’s fitting that worship this Lent will be filled with conversion stories—stories of grace.

There will be four conversion stories from the Gospel of John. Jesus meets potential new converts: a religious leader, a foreign woman, a blind man, and a grieving community. Since Jesus met them and brought about transformation and faith, there’s hope for everyone.

There will also be conversion stories from three All Saints’ people. All Saints is a congregation of people gaining confidence telling their conversion stories.

Conversion is about becoming Christian. All Christians have a conversion story. Some stories involve a single, life-changing event. For others, it’s about a lifelong, life-giving process. Conversion includes both and everything in between. Like snowflakes, no two people become Christian in exactly the same way.

Becoming Christian is always about grace. God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit acts first; we humans respond. God engages every person in unique ways.

What’s your conversion story? When did you discover…

…It’s Never Too Late for Grace.

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