Wake Up to the Promise

In Advent, we wait for Jesus to come in three ways:

  1. at Christmas in the birth of the Christ child
  2. now, Christ present in a bath, a meal, the Word, and a people called the church
  3. in Christ’s second coming

Our Advent theme invites us to wake up to each of these. The promise is, Jesus is coming—to die and rise, to put to death and give new life, to judge and forgive. We don’t have to do anything or be anyone but ourselves to make it happen.

Because Jesus is coming, we get to wake up to the promise:

  1. giving and receiving love will save us in a way that giving and receiving stuff never will
  2. our very bodies and the body of Christ will be cradles for Jesus’ saving presence
  3. time will be fulfilled not ended, the world healed not destroyed, and all flesh shall see

Because Jesus is coming, we get to wonder together:

  1. In what ways could we prepare for a Christmas centered in love through Jesus?
  2. How could we prepare to receive Jesus in personal prayer and in the stranger, every day and in this place?
  3. In our souls, families, church, neighborhoods: What needs to be begun? What needs to be completed?

Jesus is coming…

Wake Up to the Promise

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