New Vision Team: Feb review, March preview

After meeting with Council on Feb 12, the team met again on Monday, Feb 18. The agenda included All Saints’ partnership with Quad Cities Interfaith to strengthen All Saints through leadership training and growing one-to-one relationships. Each member of the New Vision Team will serve on the 12-person team that will complete the “listening campaign.” Tom S. is coordinating the effort.

Another outcome of the meeting were suggestions for the Executive Council about candidates to serve on the New Vision Team. The Executive Council hopes to add two new members to the team. The New Vision Team is recommending adding someone who is not a member of All Saints but is a skilled and experienced member of the Quad Cities community. From day one, Pastor Gloria Dovre recommended this, and the team believes that, with clarity about the role, such a person could offer unique insight and a broader perspective.

From now on, the New Vision Team will meet regularly on the first Monday of the month. March 4 at 7p is next. The agenda will include considering the Bishop’s recommendations and evaluating the team’s communication and congregational engagement over the last six months.

We’d love to hear your commendations and recommendations about either of these. Feel free to speak to us directly: Julie Schoville, Katey Krull, Tim Sampiller, and Pastor Clark.

Thanks and peace, PC

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