Word for the Week – November 30, 2016

Sunday, December 04, 2016 Second Sunday of Advent Introduction

At the heart of our Advent preparation stands John the Baptist, who calls us to repent and make a new beginning. As the darkness increases we turn toward the light of Christ’s coming. For Christians he is the root of Jesse, the righteous judge who welcomes all, especially the poor and meek of the earth. We wait with hope for that day when the wolf will dwell with the lamb, and there will be no more hurt or destruction. From the Lord’s table we are sent in the spirit of John the Baptist to proclaim that in Christ the kingdom of God has come near.

First Reading: Isaiah 11:1-10

In today’s reading the prophet describes the ideal ruler who will come in the future as a green shoot springing from a dead stump (David’s royal line) of Jesse (David’s father). Gifted by the Spirit, this messiah will seek justice for the poor, and the reign of this monarch will be experienced as paradise regained.

Psalm: Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19

May the righteous flourish; let there be an abundance of peace. (Ps. 72:7)

Second Reading: Romans 15:4-13

God’s promise to include Gentiles within the circle of God’s blessed people has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Christians live out their unity by welcoming and encouraging each other just as Christ has welcomed them into God’s family.

Gospel: Matthew 3:1-12

Just before Jesus begins his public ministry, John the Baptist appears, calling people to mend their ways and speaking of a powerful one who is to come.

Advent Theme

Be Patient… the Light of Jesus is Near.

Advent – a season of hope and anticipation of the arrival of our Lord.  The light of Jesus is near!  Are you ready?  Are *we* ready?  We trust in God’s promise of wholeness – of peace – of salvation.  In the midst of our excitement, suffering, and darkness; in the midst of our own impatience – we are encouraged to slow down, listen, stand firm, and be patient…

Patient, but most definitely not idle.  The Light of Jesus is Near!  We are called to prepare the way, and there is so much to do!  Let us worship and pray together. Let us reach out and serve God’s people.  Let us trust in the promise and share God’s promise with others.  Let us share our light until the True Light comes for all.

Together we prepare for the coming of the Lord, for He is our light and our salvation.

Be Patient… the Light of Jesus is Near.

Semi-annual Meeting

Our Semi-annual meeting will be held this Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 12:00 pm. The purpose of this meeting is primarily to discuss and approve the budget for 2017. There will be a meeting packet available in the gathering space Sunday morning before worship. Please plan on taking a few minutes to read through the packet before the meeting. There will be a potluck lunch directly following the worship service in the gathering space. Please bring a dish to share. All are welcome.


We are displaying poinsettias for the Advent and Christmas seasons (Nov. 27, 2016 – Jan. 1, 2017). If you would like to purchase a white poinsettia ($7.50) in honor of or in memory of someone, please sign up on the clipboard which can be found on the “Many Hands Make Light Work” wall in the gathering space.