Word of the Week – June 21st and Theme for the season of Pentecost (summer)

Word for the Week- June 21st

Sunday, June 25, 2017 Lectionary 12 Introduction

Jeremiah knew the frustration of having his words rejected. Jesus declares that his words may not bring peace, but division. In baptism we are buried with Christ that we may walk in newness of life. As we take stands for the sake of justice and lose our lives for the sake of others, we need not be afraid. The hairs of our head are counted. In baptism we are marked with the cross of Christ forever.

Prayer of the Day

Teach us, good Lord God, to serve you as you deserve, to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and not to ask for reward, except that of knowing that we do your will, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

First Reading: Jeremiah 20:7-13

Jeremiah accuses God of forcing him into a ministry that brings him only contempt and persecution. Yet Jeremiah is confident that God will be a strong protector against his enemies and commits his life into God’s hands.

Psalm: Psalm 69:7-10 [11-15] 16-18

Answer me, O Lord, for your love is kind. (Ps. 69:16)

Second Reading: Romans 6:1b-11

In baptism we were incorporated into the reality of Christ’s death. Our lives in the present are marked and shaped by his crucifixion, just as our lives in the future will be marked and shaped by his resurrection.

Gospel: Matthew 10:24-39

Jesus warns his disciples that their ministry in his name will meet with opposition, requiring absolute trust in God and an unswerving commitment to their Lord.

Theme for the Pentecost season (summer)

The depth of God’s love, the extent of His abundant grace, and the certainty of His unwavering faithfulness are far bigger than any of us can ever fully comprehend. These freely-given gifts are ours, regardless of our level of faith or understanding.

This Pentecost season is a time for us to grow our faith and immerse ourselves in God’s abundant love. Our weekly worship gathers us together to hear God’s Word, learn through Jesus’ teaching and example, share in God’s Meal, and be sent out to share God’s abundant love with the world.

Listen. Learn. Proclaim.
This is God’s call this Pentecost.

Open our Hands.
Open our Hearts.
Open our Lives.
This is our prayer as we answer His call.

Together in Christ Parish – Shared Ministry Update

Together in Christ – Shared Ministry Update

St James and All Saints held special congregation meetings this past Sunday, June 11th directly following their respective worship services to vote on calling the pastoral candidate. Both congregations voted a resounding YES! Update: Pastor Amy Diller has accepted the call and will begin August 1, 2017. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Julie Schoville read the following at the All Saints congregation meeting:

A reading from Matthew 7:7-9 New International Version (NIV).

Ask, Seek, Knock.

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and the one who knocks, the door will be opened. 9 “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone?”

Pastor Amy Diller is currently serving at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport, IA as a Pastor in Residence. She is very excited about being in a smaller congregation and serving in a multi-point parish. She will bring youth, vitality and excitement to our congregation. Her best gifts are to be an effective communicator, an effective teacher, to bring joy and good humor to relationships, she is creative and innovative, and to be able to share leadership and work in a team. She says the best way to cultivate health in the church is with trust and respect and bible study. She empowers people to do their best work. Her worship leadership style is relaxed and adaptable and her teaching style has been described as warm, humorous and engaging.

I want to share a few quotes from Pastor Amy’s rostered minister profile.

“Because I experience the Gospel in my own life, my proclamation of the Gospel is strengthened.” and “All work has the potential to be an act of praise and an opportunity for building relationships.”

Thank you and Help needed

Thank you and Help needed

On behalf of the All Saints Food Pantry I would like to give a huge Thank YOU to Barb and Paul Johnson for all that they have done for many years at the Food Pantry. Barb has worked diligently, professionally and compassionately for the mission of feeding, clothing and touching the hearts of people in need. Due to health issues, Barb and Paul will not be able to deliver the left-over bread from Hy-Vee to churches or a shelter as they have been doing for many years.

Each Saturday we pick up soon to be outdated bread and sweets from the Bettendorf Hy-Vee and offer it to all who come to the Food Pantry. What is leftover (yes, there is usually enough to feed all and have leftovers) has been delivered by Barb and Paul Johnson to a shelter. We are asking for a volunteer(s) to pick up a few boxes of bread from All Saints after 3:00 on Saturday or after church on Sunday and deliver it to the Humility of Mary Shelter, 1016 W. 5th Street, Davenport.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to volunteer to deliver the bread.

Thank you.
Bonnie Strittmater

Faith and Fellowship Night @ River Bandits

Faith and Fellowship Night

Sunday, July 23rd the River Bandits will hold a faith and fellowship night. The Together in Christ Parish Board would like to get a group to attend from the Together in Christ Parish!

The gates will open at 3:30 pm. A devotion will be led at 3:45 pm by special guest Rusty Boruff, Founder and Director of One Eighty, a faith based nonprofit organization. The concert will be at 4:15 pm. The game will begin at 5:15 pm verses Great Lakes Loons.

See the kiosk for more information and a sign-up sheet to come in the gathering space. If you have questions, please see a member of the Together in Christ Parish Board (Scott Holtan, KD Kalber, and Wanda Barber).

Office Hallway

Office Hallway

The offices in the office hallway have been rearranged, moved, and one room painted. Thank you, Kristen and Julie, for all your hard work over the past week of painting and moving furniture in anticipation of hiring a full-time pastor with the Together in Christ Parish. 

The Director of Communications will now be in the office that is labeled Church Office outside the door. The Pastor will be in the office that says Pastor. The counters/workroom will be in the room adjoining the church office. 

The nursery (playroom), library, and Director of Music Ministry’s office have not moved at this time.