Mutual Ministry team

The mutual ministry committee:

  • is mission-oriented.

  • builds on a broad vision of ministry and a healthy practice of mutuality.

  • makes use of a small group approach to develop mutuality.

  • carries out the ministry tasks of scanning and response in support of mission.

From Pastor and People: Making Mutual Ministry Work by Richard J. Brueschoff (Kindle Locations 766-770).

Sample Meeting Agenda

  1. Prayer (5 min)
  2. Sharing (15 min)
    click here for a list of sharing prompts, see page 6
  3. Bible Study (15 min)
    click here for a description of Kaleidoscope Bible study
  4. Main agenda item (30 min)
  5. Observer reflection (10 min)
  6. Plan/prep next meeting (10 min)
  7. Closing prayer (5 min)

Ground rules

  • Meet once a month for 90 minutes
  • For at least the first 6 months, don’t meet if anyone is unable to attend. After that, make your decision about meeting without someone on a case-by-case basis. Each member is as important as every other member!
  • Meet in a comfortable environment where privacy and confidentiality of conversation is ensured.


Facilitator: the leader for a particular meeting.

Observer: pays special attention to the group process. Here are some questions to be aware of:

  • Has someone talked too much or too little?
  • What’s the feeling level among the group? If there was disagreement, how was it handled? Was it named and spoken?
  • Is there tension evident among members? If so, how did it manifest itself?
  • Do any smaller groups within the group seem to be forming? Are there any alliance?
  • Have members listened carefully and responded appropriately?
  • How is the group affecting each individual member?
  • How is the group working together?

Bible study leader: chooses the scripture, prepares one question, then leads the study at the meeting.

Prayer leader: leads opening and closing prayers at the meeting.

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