Mutual Invitation

In order to ensure that everyone who wants to share has the opportunity to speak, we will proceed this way:

  • The leader or a designated person will share first.
  • After that person has spoken, he or she then invites another to share. Whoever you invite does not need to be the person next to you.
  • After the next person has spoken, that person is given the privilege to invite another to share.
  • If you have something to say but are not ready yet, say “pass for now,” and then invite someone else to share. You will be invited again later.
  • If you don’t want to say anything, simply say “pass” and proceed to invite another to share.
  • We will do this until everyone has been invited.

We invite you to listen but not to respond to someone’s sharing immediately (no cross talk). There will be time to respond and to ask clarification questions after everyone has had an opportunity to share.

This Mutual Invitation Process can be used for conversation in groups of many kinds and sizes, including a small group Bible study process sometimes called Kaleidoscope Bible Study.