Congratulations Graduates!

Jacob Fee

Jacob will be graduating from Davenport Central High School this spring. He plans to attend Vander Cook School of Music in Chicago, Illinois this fall. He is the son of Doug and Kim Fee and the grandson of Brian and Darlene Toft.

Ryan Holtan

Blink and it’s 2023, and Ryan, 22 will complete his high school program graduating from Rock Island High School and Tyler, 21 has one year left at Black Hawk Center. This brings many questions from our family and friends about what’s next. Free Services provided by the State of IL or government ends, i.e., school programming. Day programs, job coaches and every other program cost money to attend or participate in. Since both boys have high support needs (intellectual disabilities, communication language challenges & behavioral outbursts) getting a job isn’t really an option without having a 1 on 1 support worker which we would have to pay. The plan is to have the boys help more with the food pantry, like stocking, loading, & making boxes. I will continue to keep the boys living at my home as long as I can care for them. This will ensure the best care possible. I am following Scott & my plans, even though so much has changed since he died of Covid two years ago. ~ Anne Holtan

Aleck Reece
Aleck will be graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He will begin working full-time for Caterpillar in Peoria, Illinois in mid-July. He is the son of Matthew & Kristen Reece and the grandson of Roger & Marilyn Oliver.