Theme for the Season of Lent

written by Matt Reece, Director of Music Ministries

Reaching Out, Lifting Up, Shining God’s Light

During Jesus’ ministry, he encountered many people in need. Some were sick, some infirm, some hungry, some blind, some lame. Jesus also encountered those with less visible or external needs: a crisis of faith in a midnight garden, questions and misunderstandings about the Kingdom of God, disciples trying to follow and often stumbling along the way. In every case, Jesus reached out a hand, lifted up the community or individual, and became the light of God for all to see.

As we journey through forty days of darkness and shadow, the light of God shines through the cracks. We are still called to follow, even when the darkness is heavy around us and doubt and fear trouble us from all sides. In the deepest darkness, Jesus reaches out to us, lifts us up, and becomes the light of God in our own lives.

What then shall we do in response? How are we called to be disciples of God during this season of Lent, and throughout the year? May we find ways to reach out to others, whether their need is small or great, external or existential. May we lift up our community by treasuring each person as a beloved child of God. May we reflect God’s light in our loves and in our lives, shining through the cracks and the shadows to be God’s light to the world.