From the Pastor – January Newsletter Article

My favorite month of the year is March. March marks the end of winter, daffodils and other flowers blooming in the yard, longer and sunnier days accompanied by warm temperatures.

As you can well imagine January has none of the above. No warmth or flowers or longer days. Instead, we get sub-zero temperatures, long nights, and snow.

Many of our church members will take off for warmer climates in January. Florida, Texas, and Arizona look for inviting weather about now.

Most of us, however, will simply tough it out in January and remain in Iowa. We don’t like the bitter cold and snow, but we have learned to endure it.

The good news is that January is no longer than other months and times passes, as quickly now as in July.

On Saturdays our food and clothing pantry remains open no matter what the time of year or weather. And that includes January.

January may not be our favorite season of the year, but people require the ministry of the church this month.

Maybe we should think of a marathon runner who trains to run the long distance. That’s what happens to us in January. We are training and running the long distance. It’s not easy but makes us stronger.

Too often people think of Christianity as all blessings and no work. The truth is Christianity is more like a life preserver that gets us through the tough times.

Stay warm and stay healthy.

Pastor Pokora