From the Pastor – September Newsletter Article

The Labor Day holiday marks a great transition in our society.

Schools now begin their academic year. Summer comes to an end, while autumn lies ahead of us.
Vacation activities conclude. We begin to turn our heads toward Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Older children leave for college.

The church also goes thru a transition in September. Educational classes begin at church. Attendance at worship services increases.

I like the relaxed pace of the summer months. But time passes swiftly.

The truth is we are always in a state of transition. Every day is a new day. Change is constant.

This past week I received a note that a woman I have known for many years passed away after struggling with an illness. Her death reminds me how change takes place with us individually. We grow older.

Change not only means we grow older, but our children become adults and have children of their own. Suddenly we have grandchildren and the whole family cycle begins all over again.

As a child I thought of change as always offering new possibilities. But as an older adult I see change now as both beginnings and ending. I have seen the positive and negative sides of change.

As Christians, we see change as always a challenge for us. We believe God to be the author of all change. He sets our lives in motion and brings everything to a conclusion. He walks with us through the ups and downs of life.

As we enter this new season of the year, let us approach the future with a positive attitude. Let us see change as opening up new possibilities. May we discover Christ in all that lies ahead.