Food Pantry Spotlight

Difference Maker Karen Stevanovic shines every chance she gets to help those in need! Karen, along with her husband, Milan and daughter, Sarah are always willing to help out. They have been regular donators to the All Saints Lutheran Church food pantry and clothing closet for many years. With increased food prices and the rise in food insecurity in the Quad Cities, Karen inquires on what is most needed at the food pantry this week. Today it was spaghetti sauce & boxes, last week spaghetti and her family plans to get laundry detergent for this Saturday! She has rallied friends and neighbors to help too! She is making a positive difference in so many families lives! 

Royal Neighbors is making a difference & serving communities, Karen is a proud 35-year employee of Royal Neighbors with a huge heart! Being socially-conscious isn’t new for Royal Neighbors. Through their chapter system, Royal Neighbors members have been volunteering and doing good things in their local communities for more than 125 years. Through their programs, they help stimulate volunteerism in the neighborhoods where their members live, work, and play. They continue to honor our tradition of empowering women and girls. We need more people like Karen making a difference every chance they get!


Anne Holtan

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