Please pray for Kirk and Trever Johnson as they travel every other weekend to VA for a medication trial that Trever is participating in. This trial began in June and will last one year.

Please pray for healing for Lisa Arndt.

From Anne Holtan:
Say an extra prayer on Thursday for Karl & Staci Hanson’s grandson, Barrett. He just turned 10 days old. Karl & Staci work as personal assistants for Ryan and Tyler, as well as paraprofessionals at Tyler’s school.

His condition is called TGA (a subdivision of congenital heart disease). The long and the short of it is that Bear is going to undergo invasive open heart surgery, on Thursday August 11th, his labs and vitals are continuing to improve as they figure out what medicines will help him, and the cardiologist was very confident that the surgery (although scary and having a long and tedious recovery process) has a high chance of success.