From the Pastor – August Newsletter Article by Pastor Pokora

It’s hard to believe August has arrived already.

What happened to May, June, and July?

Doesn’t it seem like time passes very swiftly.

When I was younger, days and weeks seemed to drag by, but not any longer.

Now that I am older time spins by like water swirling around the drain.

Often, we speak about stewardship in terms of our financial affairs, but today I want to reflect on stewardship in terms of time management.

There are only so many hours in a day or days in a week. They are doled out to us the way wages are deposited in our checking account. We only get so much, and we better spend our time wisely.

It’s easy in our culture to waste our time. Have you ever seen someone you know sit in front of a television all day watching programs of little or no value? I gave up on television years ago.

But I have found a new way to waste my time. I have an iPad. I can sit reading articles on my iPad all afternoon.

Couldn’t I find a better way to use my time?

I admire retired folks who serve with Habitat for Humanity or other social service organizations in our community.

I have friends who couldn’t wait to retire, but once they retried, they stopped doing anything of service to others.

The point I want to make is that we ought to be good stewards of our time. Being a good steward means using our time in God’s service. We take time to do the things which help our neighbor. We take time for prayer, worship, meditation and the renewal of our faith and spiritual self.