Theme for the Season of Pentecost – Summer

Covered by God’s steadfast love, we are equipped to proclaim God’s kingdom

Through the promise of Advent, the joy of Christmas, the light of Epiphany, the reflection of Lent, and the celebration of Easter, we have followed Christ’s journey beyond the cross to the resurrection and ascension. Now, as we enter the long season of Pentecost, we celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit and reflect upon the ministry of Jesus.

Throughout the church year, we have been reminded of the steadfast nature of God’s love for us, an ever-present help in a hurting world. God’s love covers us, strengthens us, and renews us. The steadfast love of God is evident in the arrival and constant presence of the Holy Spirit, a comfort in times of despair and a balm to our troubled hearts.

We see the fruits of the Spirit as evidence of God’s presence and care for us, as well as the tools we have been equipped with in order to be faithful witnesses of God’s kingdom. As we worship together and serve others, we experience all of these fruits: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. God’s Holy Spirit equips us to proclaim God’s kingdom. May we find ourselves sheltered by the steadfast love of God, and go forth proclaiming God’s kingdom through love and service.