From the Pastor – June Newsletter Article by Pastor Pokora

Last Saturday the All Saints Lutheran Church food pantry provided 114 area families with food baskets, matching the record for the number of families served on a Saturday morning.

Earlier in the week volunteers unloaded three thousand pounds of food obtained thru the Riverbend Food Bank. All of this food was distributed Saturday morning. The pantry shelves are not depleted of food, but certainly greatly diminished.

Additionally, the cost of food has risen significantly. A delivery of food that once cost $40 dollars now runs $300. That means pantry food costs will run about fifteen thousand dollars a year.

Bonnie Strittmater and her team of about a dozen volunteers come to the church each Thursday to unload and stack the food on shelves. On Friday they return to assemble the boxes of food to be given to families on Saturday morning. They are dedicated, work hard and contribute financially to the pantry.

The food pantry volunteers come from many backgrounds and churches. Without their help, the pantry would not function well.

The rising cost of food and gasoline has had a direct impact on the pantry. Food the pantry buys costs more today, than at the beginning of the year. The families served by the pantry have seen their household budgets greatly affected by inflationary consumer costs. Many families depend on the pantry for their food. Household incomes no longer cover their living costs.

Demand for food emptied two other food pantries in Davenport. Families who went to those pantries were sent to All Saints Lutheran Church, adding to demand the church must address.

I have contacted Mayor Matson and informed him of the increasing problem food pantries face this year.

All Saints Lutheran Church is doing everything it can to serve others. We are truly the embodiment of Christ’s command to love and serve our needy neighbors.