From the Pastor – May Newsletter Article by Pastor Pokora

Spring is finally here. I think. Maybe.

This spring season didn’t exactly arrive on time. We have been waiting all thru March and April for warm and sunny days.

Someone reminded me the other day that many a Memorial Day weekend has had some pretty chilly temperatures.

I mowed my yard for the first time the other day. I’ve been planting perennials as well.

But some days I just stay inside and keep warm.

The point I want to make is that our lives do not unfold according to our expectations. In fact, we should always expect the unexpected.

Our ability to adapt to the unexpected is one of the crucial human characteristics in life. The ability to change or adapt is key to our sustain ability.

We are now in the Easter season. One of the key elements in the story of the resurrection of Jesus concerns the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Jesus tried to explain to his disciples about his coming death and resurrection. But no one understood what he was talking about. They were surprised on Easter Sunday.  

 The same can be said for the apostle Paul. He took off for Damascus thinking he would persecute the church, but along the way Jesus appeared to him and he became an apostle of Jesus Christ.

The surprises in life happen no matter what our expectations. We have to adapt to change every day. Change is not a burden but an opportunity for us to take advantage of. We adapt knowing Christ is there to empower us and lead us in new directions.