Theme for the Season of Lent

Through God’s steadfast love, we are made new

After the shining light of Epiphany, burning its blinding brightest in the Transfiguration, we are thrust upon the forty-day journey of Lent. This season of quiet reflection and reverence encourages us to rely upon God’s steadfast love, even in our darkest days.

In our darkness, God is light. In our weakness, God is strong. In our wavering, God is steadfast. Through this Lenten journey, we encounter God as we stumble and fall. God gently raises us up, a new creation in God’s image. Transformed and renewed, we are called to be God’s hands and feet: to bring God’s light to the darkness, to use God’s strength to carry the weak, and to rely on God’s steadfast love to guide our journey.

There are moments, especially during Lent, when we consider our brokenness and distance from God. Those are the moments when God draws near to us and makes us anew, created to proclaim God’s kingdom through love and service.