Theme for the Season of Epiphany

How precious is your steadfast love; Rejoice in our redemption!

God’s love fulfills our every need. Love lifts us up from the depths of depression and despair. Love fills our hearts with compassion for those in need around us. Love bonds us together as a family. Love sits quietly with us in moments of grief and uncertainty and celebrates with us on the mountaintop. God’s love for us is steady and unchanging. It is the example we strive toward among family, friends, and even strangers. We are called to carry God’s love throughout our lives and shower it upon everyone we encounter.

God’s love is precious. Its value to us and our communities is immeasurable. More precious than silver, more costly than gold, more beautiful than diamonds is the love of God. When we realize our own worth in the light of God’s precious love, shown through the gift of Jesus Christ as Savior, Sacrifice, and Friend, we strive to continue to grow into the servants we have been created to be.

God’s love is steadfast. It is an anchor amidst the storms of life, steady and unchanging. God’s love remains constant amidst the chaos, division, and fears we face in our daily lives. When all else seems adrift, we can trust in the steadfast love of God.

As we worship during this season of Epiphany, may God’s love be revealed above, among, and through us. May we each find ourselves illuminated in the light of God’s love, grateful for the precious gift and leaning on the steadfast promise of God’s love for us.