From the Pastor – August Article

Just about the time the Church returns to its normal routine and mission the Center for Disease Control informs the American public that the Covid virus d variant is spreading rapidly throughout the United States.

With this announcement came an additional note encouraging individuals to again wear masks at public events, practice social distancing, and receive a double vaccination.

Unfortunately, this issue has been politicized with Republican and Democrats having strongly held opinions about how the response to the pandemic ought to be handled. Politicizing the process puts lives at risk. We need to rely on medical and scientific information to guide our response.

I will tell you I have received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and will not hesitate to obtain a booster vaccination when available. The shots have proven their value.

I read all the virus announcements and listen to the opinions of members of our congregation.

Earlier this year I conducted two funerals for individuals who died as a result of the virus. I lost several friends, including Joe Taylor who once led the convention and visitors bureau. I have a very real understanding of the dangers the virus poses for our members.

Often, I describe these times as unprecedented and unpredictable. I am very sympathetic to medical authorities and the tough choices they have to make with little information available to them. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

As churches we must pay attention to the information available and make a reasonable response.

No one wants to be caught in the middle of these arguments. We do, however, want to do what is right for everyone.

Now is the time for us to work together and let the love of God be our guide. God has given us his wisdom and compassion to make decision. We have to respond faithfully and responsibly with the information that is at hand.

Pastor Richard Pokora