From the Pastor – June Article

The weather this May has been cooler and wetter than expected. I’m okay with that.

I don’t know about your yard, but mine has never looked better. The flowers are blooming and the grass is green. Nature is beautiful to see, after winter turned the landscape monochromatic. Robust color is a pleasure to our eyes.

If you have ever stopped by Wallace’s Garden Center or Teske’s you know that each spring the stores stock shrubs, trees and perennials by the score. Every time I check the stores out I am surprised by the variety of planting material available for purchase.

Remember the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis. What beautiful place that must have been. 

Christians believe creation with all its beauty is a gift of God. What a magnificent gift creation is.

When I want to relax I sit out on the deck in our backyard and survey all that has been planted. I have been working on the yard for about twenty years now and I am still not done with my garden work.

Not all plants survive our harsh winter or exist within our backyard macro environments. Some plants flourish, while others fail. The next year we have to replace what didn’t work out.

With a garden the weather and the nature of our plants may upset our good intentions.

God probably looks down and wonders why his good purpose hasn’t worked out better. The reason, of course, that human being can be either like beautiful flowers or like weeds. We are always upsetting God’s plan for his creation.

We have a choice. Either we can find our place in God’s good purpose, or we can rebel against him. We call that rebellion sin.

Imagine what this creation would look like, if we accepted God’s will for us and lived according to his purpose. What a beautiful creation this would be.