Update on the Holtan family

A post on Facebook from Anne:

So many wonderful memories of Scott T. Holtan being shared! I have not read many but the heartfelt emotions of how Scott has touch so many is unreal. He would be truly humbled and emotionally rocked by each and everyone’s kind words. I wish I could give each and every one of you a hug and share a story of Scott! But because of covid, because Scott died of covid complications; we will only hold a small gathering now for family and close friends, stream it live, have no visitation, we will wear masks, we will have no celebratory meal after with family and friends, we will keep it safe, we will not be a contributing factor or super spreader! We want no family to go through such meaningless heartbreak and then maybe in the fall or next Spring gather and celebrate Scott. We will have music and food and fellowship and have friends and family gather and stories will be shared. Please be safe, watch the service online, and gather later when it’s safe!

Donations for the Holtan Family

Several have asked me how to donate to the Holtan Family. Here is a Facebook post from Royal Ball Run.

Jen Hartmann for Royal Ball Run for Autism: Volunteers & Fans

UPDATE: Donations for the Holtan family are still being accepted via:

royalballrun.com/donate and via Blackhawk State Bank: Holtan Family. We are tracking all donations and your notes of support for Anne.

Sending so many prayers to the Holtan family. Thanks to all of you for your loving generosity and messages to Pat & I are seeking ways to help. The Holtan family is indeed royalty to the Royal Ball Run family and it shows. We love you Anne Raymond Holtan and Scott T. Holtan. 💙