Theme for the Season of Lent

We are saved by your Grace; make us alive in your Spirit.

We approach the season of Lent as a time of reflection and repentance, anticipating the renewal and rejoicing of Easter morning at the end of this forty-day season. We approach the throne with humility, fully reliant on the gift of God’s grace. We journey together, walking with Jesus on the road to the cross.

We are reminded that God comes to us in the midst of darkness and shadow, at the moment we are most heavily burdened by sorrow, despair, and hopelessness. God lifts us up, shoulders our burdens, and shows us the limitless depth of grace. We arise in hopefulness and raise our eyes to the cross, remembering the enormity of love and sacrifice that Jesus showed all humankind.

Our worship theme for this Lenten season is a two-part prayer, spoken directly to God. From our hearts to God’s, we recognize that we are saved by God’s grace. God reached out to us in our darkness and showed us the light of the world. Grace is truly a gift, given freely. Nothing we have done has earned this great gift.

The second part of the worship theme is a request to help us respond to the gift of grace. We ask God to make us alive in the Spirit. In this request, we demonstrate our understanding that life is a gift from God, and that God continually makes us alive and helps us grow into the kingdom servants we are called to become.

As we worship during this Lenten season, please join our fervent prayer:

We are saved by your Grace; make us alive in your Spirit.