Clothing Closet Update

In the past month or so the clothing closet has helped many people. Here are some examples:

  • Person that is homeless due to illness
  • Mental illness
  • Job interview/dress clothes
  • Family of 4 in a fire
  • Family of 5 in a fire
  • Family/single parent household of 6
  • Few lost jobs due to COVID-19
  • Family of 6 stayed at a motel
  • 2 families of 9 – stretch 1 paycheck
  • Gave a student a clarinet to play, who would not be able to otherwise
  • Cannot make it on social security any other way
  • COVID relief due to job losses
  • Incarceration
  • Homeless mom with 7 children
  • 2 double amputees
  • Single woman with no family
  • Any many more less fortunate patrons