Theme for the Season of Pentecost (Autumn/November)

Teach me, Give me understanding, Lead me in spirit and truth
The season of Pentecost is long. From Easter to Advent, we spend time hearing stories of Jesus’ life and ministry, inspiring us to deeper faith and discipleship. We also learn about the struggles of God’s people throughout history, and the difficulty of building faith based on the seemingly impossible love and grace the Creator showers upon us.

Jesus teaches his disciples and followers through stories and parables. Most of the time, these illustrations of the Kingdom of God fly right over their heads… until Jesus takes the time to gently, clearly, and compassionately open their eyes and hearts to the wondrous love and grace shining right in front of their eyes.

This is true for us even today. As disciples of a risen Lord and Savior, we hear the stories of miracles, signs and wonders, and the everyday teachings of the Rabbi who gathers children at his feet. So often, we seek ways to stuff the Kingdom of God into our own molds. As we approach the end of the long Pentecost season, we are challenged to let God open our hearts to the amazing things he has in store for us. The Kingdom of God is here, today, all around us. May we be faithful disciples and stewards of God’s gifts of love and grace.

The theme for worship this season is a prayer, in three simple phrases. Teach me, give me understanding, and lead me in spirit and truth. May this prayer guide us in our study, inspire us in our worship, and fill us with God’s love and grace to share with the world.