Congratulations on your retirement Wanda. I had asked Wanda to put a little something together to share with her All Saints family about her career in teaching. Kristen

Yes, I did retire this year after teaching for 20 years at Davenport West High School. I think ¨West is the Best¨! The staff is wonderful and the student body is so diverse that it makes every day an adventure! I have also taught in Washington State, Alaska, Nebraska, and Minnesota. In addition, I have lived in Montana, Colorado, and Arkansas. I am also a KU professional developer and it has been rewarding to teach teachers strategies to help all students learn more effectively. I am so thankful for all the experiences and opportunities I have had in my teaching career. I will miss all my colleagues and the students (but not all the paperwork!). 

My plans are to visit Kyle, Jamie, and Sawyer and also Kristen in Arizona and Ryan and Grace in Ohio, but the timetable is uncertain at this point. I did tell them that now I can stay as long as I want! I also plan to spend time with my mom in Montana, but I need to wait to do that. While I´m there, I hope to camp and hike. I want to do some international traveling once our current situation reaches a ¨new normal¨. In fact, the kids and I are planning to take a trip together (destination TBD) to celebrate.

However, I´m not retiring from church so you´re stuck with me. All of you have been such a support to me and I want you to know how much I appreciate your love, kindness, and thoughtfulness. 

Wanda Barber