In Case You Missed It

Financials: The 2020 average monthly amount budgeted for Undesignated Donations (Anticipated) for Ministry Investment is $7,667. You donated $ 7,363.00 in April. Also $1,325.00 was donated to the Food Pantry in April.

You donated $40.00 to mortgage reduction in April. Since inception, a total of $89,632 has been donated to the (Happy Hearts – Hopeful Future) debt reduction campaign.

The mortgage balance was $ 138,186.73 as of 04.30.2020.

From the Pastor: The corona virus pandemic has shaken the Christian Church, like no other recent event. Churches around the world have closed in fear members will be infected by the deadly virus. These are unpredictable and unstable times.

Yet even as we remain quarantined, scientists are racing to create tests, vaccinations, and treatments to prevent and cure the illness. We pray their speedy success.

As you are well aware, All Saints Lutheran Church has responded with an abundance of caution to the pandemic. But we believe we shall gather again and continue our ministry together.

I am always forward looking. All Saints Lutheran Church will survive the pandemic, but what then.

We know this congregation has a wonderful facility, great location, sufficient financial resources, and a dedicated membership. We have all the right resources to emerge from the pandemic and embrace the future together.

Roger Oliver reminded me the other day that the congregation must address stewardship issues. That is certainly true. I encourage you to maintain your financial support of our ministry.

This year I want to suggest our members look beyond immediate needs and envision the future of the congregation. I will recommend to the church council to appoint a long-range planning committee to set goals for the next ten years.

When the stewardship drive comes, I hope a long-range planning committee will lay out a one-year, five-year, and ten-year plan for the development of the congregation’s life.

The times may be dark now, but we have a bright future and many God given gifts. May our stewardship lay the foundation for good works accomplished by our vision and work. Pastor Richard Pokora

A letter from the President
30 April 2020
Dear Members of All Saints,
We have had a few inquiries as to when we will resume our “in person” worship services.
After a conversation with Pastor Pokora, it is our feeling that we will continue to have our online services at least for a few more weeks, continue to monitor the situation, and base our decision on the wider church. Despite Governor Kim Reynolds’ easing restrictions on religious gatherings, it has not been in all counties in Iowa. Scott County remains a “hot spot” for the virus. While we are anxious to get back to normal, our top priority is keeping our members safe and healthy.
We are called to love our neighbor, and that love comes by remaining physically apart.
Julie Schoville, Council President

From the President: Thank you for your continued support through this crazy Covid-19 Pandemic. The mail is being picked up daily and we appreciate your monetary support to keep the bills current. You may send your offerings to the church (5002 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport, IA 52807). Stay safe and healthy. Looking forward to seeing everyone in person when this is said and done.

A big thank you to Pastor Rich and Gwen for keeping the mid-week and Sunday services going online. To Matt, Kristen, and Rhaena for the beautiful online music, to Matt for “connecting” us, and to Bonnie, Anne and the food pantry team for being on the “front line” to serve our community. Your All Saints community appreciates it!

Important Upcoming Dates (dates are subject to change due to Covid-19)
Forum: The forum that was scheduled for Sunday, March 22 will take place later, date still to be determined. At the forum titled “Vision for the Future” we will discuss what lies ahead for All Saints Lutheran Church.
Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting (Note date change): The semi-annual congregation meeting will be Sunday, July 12, 2020.
Worship Time Change: Worship will begin at 10:00 am when we are able to worship together again in person.

Congratulations: to Kirk and Lynn Johnson who were married Saturday, April 25, 2020.

Food Pantry and Clothing Closet: The food pantry will remain open, but we will give guests their box outside. The food pantry continues to be extremely busy. Thank you to all who continue to volunteer their time for this ministry. The clothing closet will be closed until further notice.

Royal Ball Run Update
Royal Ball Run for Autism volunteers recently met to ask the question so many of us are asking, “what are we going to do?” How can we continue to support our families, support children on the autism spectrum, and continue to raise awareness and funds without a race? Without a carnival?  
One thing is certain. We all knew we still needed to do something. If nothing else, our kids have taught us what it means to persevere, and we want to be sure we can continue the momentum of support and acceptance we’ve generated over these past 9 years.
On May 15, an online Royal Ball Run Store launched to sell our 2020 Royal Ball Run race shirts as a virtual sign-up for our virtual Royal Ball Run on Saturday, June 20. That Saturday, we’ll be encouraging friends and families to share pics of their 1 mile or 5K walk/run to celebrate the 1 in 59 children =diagnosed with autism.
So we’re sending this letter with the hopes you’ll join us again in 2021 for our 10th Annual Royal Ball Run or elect to still support our virtual events or the Autism Resource Fair we plan to host at the Waterfront Convention Center on October 17 from 9am – 12pm.
We are grateful for the support you’ve provided in the past and are grateful for any commitment you can still make this year OR next. In the end, our goal is to simply see our kids be accepted, celebrated and embraced for all the royally amazing gifts they bring to our community and your support as always, helps us get there.