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Church Keys

There are several keys still out that haven’t been accounted for. If you have not let Kristen know ( the key(s) you have and any numbers that are on them, please do so asap. She will be following up with individuals soon. If you only use a key occasionally, we would appreciate it if you would turn it into the office and check it out as needed instead.

Also, please remember that if you unlock or open any outside door to the church you are responsible for making sure that the door is locked and latched when you leave. If you happen to be the last person to leave after anything, please always check to make sure the doors are latched and locked. There have been several instances lately where doors may be locked but are left ajar or not locked at all.

Luther Properties

Did you know there is a quiet, little known, powerful ministry in the Quad Cities? Luther Properties began in 1981 when several Lutheran congregations in Scott County pooled resources to work toward providing housing assistance to low-income elderly or disabled persons. Luther Properties is the powerful result of this effort. All ELCA congregations in Scott County are invited to have representatives on the Board of Directors.

This ELCA organization consists of five complexes, two in Davenport and three in Bettendorf, which have a total of 279 private apartments which are usually all occupied. Luther Properties works in partnership with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These apartments provide safe homes for those seniors who struggle financially. Rent is based on income, with electricity and water costs included.

If you now anyone who may be interested in these apartments, please encourage them to apply through HOMZ Management by phone 563-359-1075 or by e-mail For more information visit the website at

If you would like more information about being a Luther Properties Board member talk with Tom Schoville, who is currently on the board. They are always looking for more board members.