In Case You Missed It

Church Keys

It is that time of year again that the office needs to reconcile the keys that our members and renters have in their possession. Please let the office know ( the keys that you currently have, including any numbers on the keys. Do you have any church keys that you are no longer using or need? If so, please turn them in to the office. Thank you. 

Stewardship Committee

Thank you to Bonnie, Laura, and Scott S. for joining me on the Stewardship Committee. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the committee please contact one of us. We will be meeting in August.

Per the Continuing Resolutions of the All Saints Constitution, The Worship Ministry Team is responsible for overseeing three committees – the Worship Committee, the Property Committee, and the Stewardship Committee.

Roger Oliver

Flat Jesus Sightings

Have you been taking your Flat Jesus with you where you go? Pastor Amy challenged us to do just that this summer. Send your photos with Flat Jesus to the office email (

Here are Ryan, Tyler, Craig, Teagan, Colin, and Pastor Amy with their Flat Jesus!