Stewardship Committee

The Worship Ministry Team is responsible for overseeing three committees – the Worship Committee, the Property Committee and the Stewardship Committee. (Continuing Resolutions, Page 19/26.)

As I stated early in July, my life has sped on; and, since you have not contacted me to serve on the Stewardship Committee, apparently your life has sped on, too…

As I listened to Pastor Amy’s Message this past Sunday, I found myself thinking that although she never used the word Stewardship in her message, I was “hearing” Stewardship throughout. I will attempt to paraphrase her message as I “heard it.”

God gives us our “free will.” Freedom – Free to live. Free to choose. In Genesis 18:32 after several previous petitions from Abraham, God told Abraham if ten righteous are found, “…, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.” Luke says in chapter 11: 9, “…, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened.”

Prayers written in advance work; they don’t have to be spontaneous. It has been said it is impossible to be Christian without prayer. Constant conversation. Prayer is essentially a marker of discipline.  Maybe we’re just supposed to wear God out with asking. No, but we should be persistent – we should ask shamelessly. That is, we should be unashamed to ask.  In prayer, we can no longer hide. In prayer we “out” our weaknesses.   Other powers (not of God) drive our selfishness and greed. Our world… we are still broken.   Go, look and find.   God is our parent who will always give us what we need. We have a God who listens, even to people like us…

So how is this Stewardship; there was no mention of money in this message? Are we not Stewards of God’s Freedom, (freedom to make choices?) Could asking God, help us to make better choices? Does God really care about how we choose to spend our money, our time, our energy, etc.? Have you asked him recently? Would you be surprised if His answer was: “Yes, I care how you use and how you share the money, time, energy, etc. I have given you.” So, if each of us were “persistent” and in “constant conversation” with God, would we be better Stewards of the gifts for which He has made us Stewards?

The Stewardship Committee needs you; we’ll meet in early August. If you have specific desires for a Stewardship Committee, but are unable to participate, please let me know.

Roger Oliver, 563-343-1886. “We are here for God’s Pleasure: to serve, praise and worship God.”