From the Pastor

Christ has risen! After weeks of preparation with Lent, after Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, we made it to Easter Sunday. We celebrated in joy as Jesus did the unexpected and rose from the dead. It was indeed a holy week. So now what? Now that the big Easter Sunday has come and gone?

We live in seasons as a liturgical church. So, while the big Easter Sunday has passed, we have so many more Easter Sundays to come. Easter is celebrated for 50 days. After that, we remember receiving the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday. With 50 days of celebration, we are immersed in the resurrection, we walk though about 7 Holy weeks. We remember the resurrection, but even more importantly, we are called by God to live as resurrected people, and there is no better time to practice that than in this Easter season.

Resurrected people keep their eyes on Christ’s cross and empty tomb. We are called to live without fear, because Christ has defeated the death. What could happen if we spent this season living fearlessly? If we took seriously Christ’s commandments and Christ’s promises? We just might discover that God is right, we really don’t have anything to fear. And living without fear would lead to a life of deep love, for God and our neighbor. Because of the empty tomb we never have to be afraid of death anymore, because after death comes resurrection.

Make the most of these Holy Weeks. Be on the lookout for God to be at work. Jesus walked among his disciples after his resurrection, and Jesus is still walking among us. Keep your eyes peeled, because the risen Christ shows up in the unlikeliest of places, bring the love and peace of God.

Pastor Amy