A Living Nativity

A huge thank-you to all of our Live Nativity volunteers!  There was a record 68 of us that came together this year to make this event happen – amazing!!  So many friends, family and parish members donated their time, energy, and resources to this ministry – we are truly blessed.

By the numbers:
Attendees: 200 (approx); Food Pantry donations: $173; Donations to church: $45; Coats/jackets donated for All Saints: 10; Other winter wear for All Saints: 5; Nativity craft ornaments made:55; Volunteer who came the farthest: Machelele, BHS foreign exchange student, from Tanzania

I hope you all consider joining in for Live Nativity 2019!  If you have any fresh ideas or changes that you would like to see for next year, please e-mail Deb Crooks at kwcrooks@msn.com or call at 563-340-7614.